Beach Cafés at Jimbaran
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Beach Cafes

A kilometer or so down the beach from Pansea Puri hotel is a row of beach cafés. There must be 15. We walked down here for lunch once and dinner another time. The beach faces west, so you can watch the sunset while having dinner. It seems this place is a tourist destination itself, and you can get free transportation from the nearby hotels. Five or six dollars will pay for lunch for two people. A dinner including live crab or other seafood entree maybe twice that.

This was taken just after lunch. That's Khim standing there.

At low tide, as in this picture, you get a very wide, smooth beach. The little kids love to dig in the sand. When the tide comes in a bit, it creates a wide area of waist deep or chest deep water that is great for swimming in the surf. The beach is clean and free of seaweed. The prevailing wind is off-shore most of the time.

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