Pool Area at Novotel Benoa Bali
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Pool Area

The first hotel we stayed at on Bali. The rooms are in small single-storey blocks at the sides of the grounds, with hallways open to the air and polished limestone floors. The rooms are nice and each has a porch. They also have beach bungalos. The lobby and dining hall are open, just a thatched roof over limestone floors-- no walls. We liked this hotel better of the two. At dusk, fruit bats go flying down the walkways. You can stand in the walkway and they go whipping around you real fast. Cool.

The beach area (Benoa Beach) is kind of small, there was a lot of seaweed, and the swimming area was small and roped off. But there was a fresh on-shore breeze, and there are lots of watersports.

I think this hotel is about $100 per night for two. They have a great buffet dinner each night for a little less than $10 per person. There's also a beach restaurant that features a wood-burning pizza oven. A very delicious medium wood-fired crispy crust pizza, delivered to your lounger on the beach, is about $4 including tax and service charge.

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