A Bali Street Scene
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Street Scene in Bali
Bali, here's a map, is one of the major islands of Indonesia. It's just a mile or two off the eastern coast of Java. (On Java is the capitol of Indonesia, Jakarta.) Bali's Ngurah Rai Airport is on the southern peninsula. Our hotels, we stayed at two different hotels, are also in that area, one by Benoa Harbor (Novotel Coralia Benoa), the other at Jimbaran (Pansea Puri) near the airport.

Above is a typical road in Bali. This was shot through the windshield of our car.

I found Bali to be a fascinating place. The scenery is so "third world", and stands in such contrast to Singapore and the U.S. Lining all the streets are small houses, workshops, small businesses, and various ramshakle structures. Mixed in are fancier stone houses, art galleries, Hindu temples, etc. Then add stray dogs, chickens, even cattle in the more rural areas, to complete the picture.

About half the vehicles on the road seem to be these lightweight motorbikes, a little bigger than mopeds. Everybody is riding them, not just the young people. I've seen a family of three on one bike. Some are stacked high with goods so you can't see the rider.

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