Singapore Family at East Coast Seafood Centre
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Singapore Family at East Coast Seafood

This is some of Khim's family in Singapore. There are more, but this is the close, core group that showed up every time. Left to right from the top row are: sister Joo, sister Chian, nephew Alden, Khim, William; bottom row: brother-in-law Alex, and Mom. Alden is Chian's only child. Joo and Alex have three kids, aged 2 to 4. Chian's husband was not there that night.

Khim has two other sisters, Ling and Amy, and a brother. Khim is the youngest. Ling lives in Fremont, CA. I haven't met Amy. I met the brother briefly at Mom's place. Khim's father stays home because he has grown weak. Khim also has numerous aunts, uncles and cousins, "40 or 50" by her estimate.

On the southeast coast there is an aggregation of seafood restaurants known as the East Coast Seafood Center. This was taken after a meal of the famous pepper crab. The restaurant is open air, right on the beach facing the South China Sea. On the ocean you can see the lights of all the ships waiting in line for the port.

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