V4L2 People & Projects

February 14, 2004

The purpose of this page is to communicate information about the various V4L2 related projects in progress around the world, and bring together the people working on the projects with those who are interested in the work, who are seeking drivers or applications, or who are working on related projects.

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Devices and Drivers
Device Who Links and Notes
ATI Graphics Cards Octavian Purdila, et al
Octavian is part of the GATOS group and he is working on a V4L2 driver  for ATI graphics cards. Also in the GATOS group are Vladimir Dergachev,  Oyvind Aabling, Stea Greene, Chris Hardy, Bernardo Cardosso, Christian  Lupien.
Bt848- and Bt878-based cards Justin Schoeman
The V4L2 driver for these popular cards. There are a lot of variations of these types of cards, so try it out on your system, and send a message to Justin about your results. Thanks.
C-Cube Ziva Michael Morrison
Mike is a software engineer working on standard and HD digital video disk recorders. For V4L2 he is investigating DVD playback support, and is currently seeking information about Sigma Designs Hollywood+ card http://www.sigmadesigns.com/hollywoodplus.html , and/or the C-Cube Ziva MPEG-2 decoder chip http://www.c-cube.com
Creative Webcam II Mailing list
Drivers are being made for USB and PPC2 Vision CPiA based cameras.
Data Translation DT3153 Luís Alberto Lucas
Driver port in progress. Contact the author for more information.
Iomega Buz Dave Perks
Gernot Ziegler
Dave created the Iomega Buz drivers, and is now porting them to V4L2. Gernot is managing the Iomega Buz on Linux software projects.
Linux DVD LiViD The LiVid Project.
Linux Media Labs LML33 (card) Vassili Leonov
Vassili is making available for sale an MJPEG video capture card for Linux, with open specifications and GPL drivers. The company is called Linux Media Labs, and the board is the LML33.
LML33 (driver) Matt Gundry
Matt is writing drivers for the LML33 for video capture, compression and output. See above.
Matrox Marvel G200 /Rainbow Runner Eddie Galvez
Eddie has created the portal site for Marvel on V4L2!
Matrox Meteor Olivier Carmona
Olivier has created V4L2 Matrox Meteor drivers.
Matrox Meteor II Cord Seele
Cord is working on V4L2 drivers for the Meteor II family.
National Semiconductor Geode Family CPU TV Set-Top Systems Linux4.TV
Complete open-source set-top box system software from National and Century Embedded Technologies. Geode-based development systems are available.
National Semiconductor Geode Family CPU Shaun Savage
Adding Geode support to kernel 2.4 for CPU detection, frame buffer, i2c, vbi and video.
Philips SAA7146-based hardware Michael Hunold
Michael has written a generic V4L2-driver-core that provides easy access to any saa7146 in the system via V4L2. 
The package currently includes two so-called 'extensions', e.g. the actual 'front-ends' to the real hardware: 'Multimedia eXtension Board' ('MXB') (a tv-card by Siemens-Nixdorf, quite popular in Germany) and 'dpc7146' , a demonstration-board by Philips Semiconductors. Comprehensive informations about saa7146-based hardware can be found on his homepage.
Pictioneers P400/P400HC Ted Herring
Pictioneers P400 is a 4-port Conexant 878A (BT848 compatible) MJPEG video capture card. V4L/V4L2 drivers written for the BT848 chipset will work with this card, also works with dvr.sourceforge.net application. The P400HC is under development, scheduled for release November 2001, and is a 4-port hardware compression-based MJPEG video capture card (ZR36060 chipset). Pictioneers will be releasing an open source V4L2 driver for the P400HC.
TV500 Steve Barbo
Winnov Videum ISA, PCI Bill Dirks
This driver works with all Winnov Videum ISA and PCI cards and the Philips EasyVideo card. An OSS audio driver is also available.
Winnov VideumCam Traveler PCMCIA Doe-Wan Kim
Driver for the Winnov VideumCam Traveler PCMCIA camera. Orginally developed at University of Michigan. More recent workd done at Information Sciences Institute / USC
(scanner interface)
Conrad Parker
John Ferlito
Conrad and John, in an incredible feat of midnight engineering, have created a SANE backend that uses the V4L2 API, which makes your video capture card look like a scanner. What this means is you can capture images from a video capture card using any program that can get images from a scanner, for example, the GIMP, and scanimage.

Applications and Libraries
Project Who What
DirectFB supports V4L2 devices as Video Providers for the display.
Justin's V4L2 Utilities Justin Schoeman
Some cool V4L2 applications, and a patch to AleVT to allow it to use streaming capture for VBI.
Xawtv Gerd Knorr
Gerd has ported the famous xawtv TV viewing application to V4L2.
Zapping Zapping Maintainers
A great TV viewer for the Gnome environment. Advanced VBI decoder. Lirc (infrared) support. Realtime MPEG recording. And more...
MainActor Main Concept (Markus Moenig)
Main Concept is a German software company that has written a video editing application called MainActor. MainActor is available for Windows, OS/2 and Linux. [1-22-03: Seems to be only Windows now.]
RealProducer RealNetworks (Axel Muhr)
RealNetworks has ported their RealProducer streaming audio/video encoder to Linux. It uses the v4l API, but it can stream live video from a V4L2 device thanks to the V4L2's backward compatibility layer.
Improv Petter Reinholdtsen
Improv is a tool for basic real time image processing with low resolution, e.g. suitable for mobile robots.
vic Jean-Marc Orliaguet
Jean-Marc is maintaining the Linux patches for the vic video conferencing tool. http://www.medialab.chalmers.se/people/jmo/devel/vic/v4l2.html
and see also this vic site.
Linux Media Interface Library Bill Miller
Bill is starting a project called the Linux Media Interface Library to create a high-level C++ library over V4L2 for handling multimedia streams, both live streams, and streams stored in files. Get the details at
CROW Eric Fry
Eric is working on a non-linear editing (NLE) application called CROW. He has been working on it for quite a while, and it has a lot of capability already. He is seeking people to collaborate on further development. More information and screenshots at http://www.crow.atu.com.au/
Splice Chris Harshman
Chris is interested in writing a non-linear editing (NLE) application for Linux using V4L2, which he is calling Splice. He is seeking assistance. See http://paradigm.uor.edu/~harshman/linux/splice.html
matterial Carlos Carnero
Carlos is designing a professional video compositing application, codename: matterial. He is seeking help with this project.

Mark Podlipec
Mark wrote the XAnim video and animation file player software. He is now working on a new player architecture, and considering how to integrate it with the V4L2 library and driver APIs.

Rene Mueller
Rene is interested in creating a file format for capturing and editing videos on Linux, and getting some basic record, play, and edit tools written. Later some more full-featured tools. http://the-labs.com/VideoLab/


If you are working on a V4L2 related project, or considering adding V4L2 support to your project, you should consider getting on the list. It can help you find others willing to contribute to your project, find people interested in your project who would like to test and use it, find people working on related projects who would like to coordinate their efforts with yours.

To get on the list send me (bdirks@pacbell.net) an email with what you would like to say and any links you would like to have here. If you would like to make a change, or if I made a mistake, or if you want to be removed, just email and I will take care of it as soon as possible.